how much does a gaming pc build cost

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$300 to nearly $2,000

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  • Is it cheaper to build or buy a gaming PC?

  • While some pre-built desktop gaming PCs can get close to the cost of a similarly-specced PC build, the reality is that, on average, building your own PC will cost less than buying a pre-built system. There are no markup costs when you buy your own parts and assemble your own computer.

  • How much does it cost to build a budget PC?

  • Intel budget build. 1 CPU (Intel Core i3, dual core) 鈥?$70 to $100. 2 RAM (4GB DDR3) 鈥?$20 to $25. 3 GPU (GTX 750Ti) 鈥?$90 to $110. 4 Motherboard (Intel DDR3) 鈥?$40 to $50. 5 Hard drive (512GB SATA II) 鈥?$40 to $60. 6 Case and power supply (500W) 鈥?$50 to $60.

  • How much should I spend on a gaming PC?

  • Traditionally, you could spend $500 on a budget-friendly gaming PC and have a system that would be able to max out most games on a 1080P display. As of right now, though, the 1080P-killing graphics cards that used to cost ~$150-$200 now cost over $400-$500.

  • How much does a gaming PC power supply cost?

  • Cheap ones cost between $25 and $40. Some decent choices fall within this range, especially from name brands. Good power supplies can run anywhere from $40 to $150. The lower end of this range will get you a good supply for anything up to casual gaming, but you should go towards the high end for more serious rigs.

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