how much data does online gaming use

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But,with the new players joining every day,the new games are also having good graphics and UI the increases the game size. But,how much data does online gaming use? The online gaming can eat up from a minimum 10MB to as high as 150MB per hour.

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  • How much data do online games use?

  • Ever wondered how much data online games use? Naturally, gaming online uses internet data. But contrary to the popular misconception that online gaming will eat up your entire monthly internet package, most popular online games use from about 30MB to a maximum of 300 MB per hour.

  • How much data does gaming use on mobile hotspot?

  • The average data usage values don鈥檛 change if you鈥檙e gaming on a mobile hotspot data. However, beware of updates and patches. As we mentioned, patches are the sort of things that can eat up several GBs of data per hour. You may not even realize this is happening, since a lot of updates happen automatically.

  • Does streaming take up more data than online gaming?

  • Streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu actually takes up a lot more data per hour than online gaming. If anyone at your home is giving you a hard time about gaming and messing up their internet connection, just direct them to the stone-cold evidence: their streaming is eating up way more data than your gaming is!

  • How much bandwidth does it take to download a game online?

  • If you bought your game online and need to download it, it鈥檒l take a big bite from your internet bandwidth. Still, this depends on the device or gaming console as well as on the game. Some popular PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One games take around 50GB to download.

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