how much data does online gaming use per hour

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  • How much data do online games use?

  • Ever wondered how much data online games use? Naturally, gaming online uses internet data. But contrary to the popular misconception that online gaming will eat up your entire monthly internet package, most popular online games use from about 30MB to a maximum of 300 MB per hour.

  • How much bandwidth does it take to download a game online?

  • If you bought your game online and need to download it, it鈥檒l take a big bite from your internet bandwidth. Still, this depends on the device or gaming console as well as on the game. Some popular PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One games take around 50GB to download.

  • How much data does Netflix use when playing games?

  • Expect something between 40MB and 150MB. In contrast, streaming Netflix in HD uses up to 3000MB ( 3GB) per hour. In other words, streaming from Netflix might use about thirty times the amount of data as online gaming. Netflix in 4K will use even more.

  • Do 100 GB games take up 100 hours of data?

  • Not every game is a massive single-player 100GB experience packed with cinematics. Even the ones that are can often entertain you for many hours. A 100-hour game that takes 100GB of data to download will use less bandwidth in total than watching Netflix in HD for 100 hours.

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