how much bandwidth does gaming use

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  • How much Internet data does online gaming use?

  • Find out how much internet data online gaming uses. Sure, downloading games can take a heavy toll on your internet connection鈥檚 bandwidth as game sizes go all the way up to 100 GB. However, actively playing an online game doesn鈥檛 use much of your data.

  • Does bandwidth matter when playing online games?

  • Well, to be honest, it might not matter to people who are using internet connections with unlimited bandwidth, but if you are on an internet that does not provide you with unlimited bandwidth, you might be concerned about the amount of data online gaming uses.

  • What internet speed do I need for gaming?

  • For example, if you have three players in your home, you鈥檒l likely need internet with a download speed of at least 9 Mbps. Be sure to check the specific requirements for your gaming system below before making your calculations.

  • How much data does playing games on your phone use?

  • The exact amount depends on the game. For example, Fortnite and Minecraft both reportedly use about 100MB of data per hour. That鈥檚 pretty typical鈥攕ome games will be a bit higher and some will be a bit lower. Expect something between 40MB and 150MB.

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