how many threads are good for gaming

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For gaming, you can probably get steady 60+frames with a quad-core witheight threads. If you plan on streaming or recording gaming footage, then you should definitely consider upgrading to a six or eight-core processor if you can鈥檛 invest in a dedicated system.

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  • How many threads should a game engine have?

  • As you might imagine, not all game engines are built to fully utilize 32 threads, but that’s where this article comes in rather handy, to help you sort things out. Building a gaming PC is an exercise in alleviating bottlenecks. If a processor is too slow, it can’t drive a graphics card to its fullest potential, leaving performance on the table.

  • Is a Threadripper CPU good for gaming?

  • Even though each individual core is slightly slower than what鈥檚 possible, a Threadripper has so many cores, it achieves an outstanding rate of work overall, for the vast majority of even the most extreme computing tasks. Just not with gaming, as we鈥檝e seen from those tests. Why is that?

  • Is this a good thread for a personal game?

  • This is fine for most personal games. The only thing you would likely have to have another thread for is Networking and Audio. Unreal has a game thread, render thread, network thread, and audio thread (if I remember correctly).

  • How many hardware threads does a computer have?

  • That includes 12, 8, 6, and 4 cores with SMT enabled, and again with 6 and 4 cores without SMT. This gives us a look at 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, and 24 hardware threads.

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