how many gb of ram do i need for gaming

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How Much RAM for Gaming Is?4GB: Nowadays 4GB RAM for your average game isn鈥檛 enough anymore. …8GB: Today many popular games list 8GB as the minimum RAM requirement. That is,with 8GB RAM,you can play many games without any problem. …16GB: It is the optimal choice. …32GB: If you are seeking to future-proof their build,having a 32GB RAM is a good idea.

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  • How much memory do you need for gaming?

  • Now let鈥檚 see how much memory for gaming PC. How Much RAM for Gaming Is? In general, today鈥檚 home PCs have 4, 8, or 16GB RAM while some high-end computers have 32, 64, or even 128GB RAM. And now let鈥檚 some.

  • Is 8GB of RAM enough for gaming in 2017?

  • 8GB of RAM was enough for gaming in 2015 or even in 2016 but now it is the minimum memory requirement for most of the latest games. For gaming in 2017 and 2019 I would suggest you to get 16GB RAM, which I think is the sweet spot for gaming from now on.

  • What does GB of RAM do for a game?

  • The more GB of RAM, the more freedom a game performs without pulling memory from slower storage on the system. A fundamental example of different GB of RAM was when I played the same game on various consoles. In 2015, I downloaded Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for PS3.

  • How much RAM do I need for my laptop?

  • Most of the best laptops come with 16GB for good reason. Windows 10, for example, consumes around 2GB of RAM before you even open an application. If you are doing a lot of graphic design work or are planning on dabbling in some higher-end gaming, you may want to consider increasing that to 16GB.

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