how hot should a gpu get while gaming

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But for GPU,this is not a good temperature since it can decrease the lifespan of GPU. The average GPU temp while gaming should be between 65 to 75 degrees Celsius. According to the Fullmark graphics card test,Nvidia GPUs have an average temperature of about 70 to 85 degrees Celsius.

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  • What is a good GPU temperature for gaming?

  • Usually, a good rule of thumb is to keep the GPU temperature below 85 degrees Celsius. Although some experts say the GPU temp around 90 degrees Celsius is normal, you should remain it under 90C.

  • Is 80 degrees Celsius too hot for a CPU?

  • After learning this, you can choose either to have your CPU within the 40-70 degrees Celsius range or maximize your output by maintaining 80 degrees Celsius throughout your gaming sessions. If you maintain lower temperatures and be more conservative, there will be no risk of CPU damages from overheating.

  • Why should I care if my GPU runs too hot?

  • Because if it runs too hot it might quickly become a pointless bit of hardware after a 20 min intense gaming session. So its quite a broad question but lets get the comments section going below, where we can all discuss our experiences with GPU and CPU temperatures and what a modern gamer might expect to be reasonable or acceptable for their PC?

  • How important is a CPU for gaming?

  • The CPU temperature is the most critical aspect you should be monitoring. The CPU is the center of your whole PC build and if you ask how important is a CPU for gaming, it should be right on the top. After monitoring your CPU, you might ask 鈥渉ow hot should my CPU be while gaming?鈥?

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