how does cloud gaming work

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Cloud gaming services operate byhosting and running games on powerful servers via a virtual machine. A video stream of that gameplay is then compressed and fed to the user through the world wide web. The users control inputs are sent to the server, which processes them and sends them back in real time.

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  • What is Microsoft cloud gaming and how does it work?

  • Microsoft鈥檚 Cloud Gaming is a two-prong service for streaming installed games or streaming select titles from the Game Pass library. PC players: PC players have many different options, but GeForce Now is clearly the best. It works with the PC games you already own, and you can still play those games down the line if you buy a local setup.

  • What would a cloud gaming service look like?

  • Easy Spectating 鈥?Cloud gaming services would allow for very easy spectating of games, such as professional gaming matches. Spectators wouldn鈥檛 need the game installed, as the video stream could be easily duplicated for many users. DRM 鈥?If games ran on remote servers instead of your own computer, they鈥檇 be almost impossible to pirate.

  • What is a cloud-gaming server?

  • Essentially, the cloud-gaming server runs a game and streams a video of the gameplay to you. Your keyboard, mouse, and controller input actions are sent over the network to the cloud gaming server.

  • Do you have to pay for cloud gaming?

  • Cloud gaming 鈥?in most cases 鈥?requires a subscription paid on a monthly or yearly basis in order to access the content. With certain services, games must be purchased on top of that fee.

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