how big is too big for a gaming monitor

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  • Is 27 inches too big for a gaming monitor?

  • 27Inch is too big if you sit infront of it. It’s okay for movies and stuff, but for games, makes you work out your eyes as in you gotta constantly move your eyes to follow.

  • Is a bigger monitor better for gaming?

  • A bigger monitor can indeed be better for gaming if the resolution is on par with the diagonal size, but there are also cases where too big of a screen can do more harm than good. Is a 32-inch Monitor Too Big for Gaming? The short answer is no, a 32-inch monitor is not too big for gaming.

  • How big of a monitor do you use for work?

  • More sharing options… I use two 32 inch for work (programming, music production, et cetera) and one 32 inch for gaming. I sit about 50 cm from them. I find that just right for me.

  • Can a 1080p 32-inch monitor be too big?

  • However, a 1080p 32-inch monitor can indeed be too big, since at that size you will have to deal with a very low pixel density. Anything above 1080p should be OK at 32 inches.

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