don’t buy a gaming chair

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  • Can you use a regular chair for gaming?

  • Even chairs marketed primarily for office workers can be used for PC gaming. The most popular type of gaming chair is the racing-style gaming chair, which looks like an actual racing car seat, hence the name. Why buy a gaming chair?

  • Are gaming chair bolsters uncomfortable?

  • You do not want your legs up against the bolsters or they will be uncomfortable. Unfortunately, most gaming chair seats are quite narrow, so this becomes unavoidable unless you have a very slender build. The side bolsters on the seat are not only a problem for normal sitting positions but they also limit the ways you can use the seat.

  • Are bucket seats good for gaming chairs?

  • Bucket Seat Design is Not Functional The first downside with most gaming chairs is the bucket seat design with side bolsters. This design has been used on gaming chairs because gaming chairs were first developed for racing games. Designing a chair to mimic a car seat was done to help make the user more immersed in the experience.

  • Is $300 a good price for a gaming chair?

  • People often think that paying $300 for a gaming chair means that they are going to get one of the best quality chairs out there. This is not practical. $300 in the world of office chairs is going to get you a low end office chair.

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