does resizable bar help gaming

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Resizable BAR essentiallymakes the entirety of the graphics frame buffer accessible to the CPU at once;where it could once sip, it now guzzles. The idea is that once textures, shaders and geometry are loading in faster, games should run faster with higher frame rates.

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  • Can resizable bar boost your gaming performance?

  • Resizable BAR isn鈥檛 a magic lever that throws your PC into Ludicrous Speed, but it can give you a nice little boost. AMD promises up to 16 percent more gaming performance, while Nvidia claims up to 12 percent. Some select games, like Assassin鈥檚 Creed: Valhalla and Resident Evil 3, see much bigger enhancements.

  • Does Nvidia鈥檚 resizable bar work?

  • Resizable Bar requires an RTX 30 series graphics card, but it can be used with Ryzens or Intel 10th Gen chips. Other system requirements exist 鈥?not all motherboard chipsets will work with Resizable Bar, and those that do may need to update their BIOS. However, Nvidia鈥檚 Resizable bar isn鈥檛 as hardware-limited as AMD SAM. But does it really work?

  • What is resizable bar and how does it work?

  • Resizable Bar makes the entire graphics buffer available to the CPU at once. Where it used to sip, it now guzzles. It is hoped that games will run at higher frame rates if textures, shaders, and geometry load faster. This likely sounds familiar because AMD beat Nvidia with Smart Access Memory in 2020. SAM and Resizable Bar are not the same things.

  • How many games are supported with resizable bar?

  • GeForce graphics driver version 465.89 WHQL improves performance in 17 games with Resizable BAR enabled, and more supported games will be added over time with future driver updates.

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