can you use a gaming laptop for school

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A gaming laptopcan be useful in school, but there are downsides too. The most important downside is you probably don鈥檛 want to risk breaking your expensive gaming laptop. In school, you have to pack and unpack your laptop multiple times, and there鈥檚 always the risk you might drop it or spill something on it.

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  • Should you buy a gaming laptop for school work?

  • If it鈥檚 more for school work and less for gaming then you need to look at some of the entry-level gaming laptops as they will do the job. If you need a performance-heavy laptop that could also perform any curriculum-based tasks, then you have to go for the more expensive options.

  • Do you use your gaming computer as a normal computer?

  • Something a lot of people don鈥檛 realize is that gaming computers do EVERYTHING your standard computer can do. For example, I have Microsoft office, QuickBooks, and Google Chrome all on my gaming computer. It is a Windows 8 laptop and the layout is the same as any pc that I have seen.

  • Is a gaming laptop a good fit for your work?

  • On the other hand, if you鈥檙e work involves graphics-intensive tasks, such as video editing, Photoshop, graphic design, or 3D modeling then a gaming laptop might be a good fit. You鈥檒l just have to factor in the mobility issues.

  • What is a gaming laptop?

  • Gaming laptops are built for tomorrow鈥檚 computer programs and games, not today鈥檚. There is a continually widening gap between the technology in gaming computers and regular laptops. Here is an example.

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