can any desktop be used for gaming

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  • Do you need a gaming desktop computer?

  • Nowadays, there are plenty of ways a person can enjoy gaming: on a tablet, on a gaming console, on a smartphone. But there鈥檚 still a place that serious gamers go to get the very best gaming experience possible: a gaming desktop computer.

  • What are the features of a gaming desktop computer?

  • This feature-packed PC is a top pick for anyone shopping for a quality gaming desktop computer on a budget. Affordable. Premium performance. Incorporates blazing-fast WiFi 6, 3D sound, and smooth Full HD gameplay. Stylish case. Simple to upgrade as needed. Fiery red LEDs. There are better options for 4K gaming available.

  • Can I use any monitor for gaming?

  • You can use any working monitor for gaming-the only difference in a more expensive monitor would be size/resolution/response time/quality. While all of those impact experience, any monitor will work.

  • Do gaming desktops work with TVs?

  • Q. Will most gaming desktops connect TVs? A. Yes. Most modern gaming desktops are HDMI compatible, so as long as your TV or monitor has an HDMI input, you鈥檒l be fine. Gaming desktops typically support display port connections as well, so most monitors are also compatible.

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