are wireless mouse good for gaming

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Wireless gaming has noticeably improved over the past years,with manufacturers finding new ways to reduce latency and reliability when using wireless technology. A lot of gaming mice are now wireless andoffer amazing performancefor even the most competitive gamers.

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  • Should you buy a wireless gaming mouse?

  • If you care more for comfort and convenience, this is where a wireless gaming mouse can truly be beneficial. The biggest thing for some may simply be that you have one less cable to deal with on your desk. But it also opens up more room for a more portable setup. What if you don鈥檛 always want to sit at your desk to play your games?

  • What is the best gaming mouse for PC gaming?

  • While less flashy than your typical gaming mouse, it still has everything a PC gamer needs. For starters, the six reprogrammable buttons along the comfortable thumb-rest make the G604 a great pick for those who religiously remap their controls. If you play many MOBAs or MMOs, the Logitech G604 might be the mouse for you. 6. Razer Viper Ultimate

  • Who will benefit from a wireless mouse the most?

  • It should be quite clear now who will benefit from a wireless mouse the most. A wireless mouse will be most valued by those who care about comfort and convenience. A wireless mouse will offer the least value to somebody who cares a lot about the best possible latency times and peak performance.

  • Are Logitech mice good for gaming?

  • Logitech鈥檚 Lightspeed dongle technology has also proved reliable in gaming mice, such as the Logitech G502 Lightspeed, another one of our most recommended gaming mice (if you can afford it).

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