are red switches good for gaming

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  • Are brown or red mechanical switches better for gaming?

  • Brown switches are still relatively fast and can compete with red mechanical switches as they require the same amount of actuation force to activate a keypress. However, the lighter feel in red mechanical switches due to the lack of a tactile bump promotes a faster response.

  • What are the best switches for gaming?

  • Instead, we highly recommend linear switches such as red, yellow, and black switches. If you want a highly specialized gaming switch, Cherry MX Speed Silver, Razer Optical Red, and the Corsair OPX switches are all great options as they can boost your reaction speed slightly.

  • Are blue switches better for FPS gaming?

  • I have just gotten a sampler kit from WASD keyboards and I have loved the Blue switches. I mostly play FPS games (BF4,Insurgency,CS:GO etc.) and some people say Reds are better for FPS gaming because of the linear feel.

  • What type of switch is a red mechanical switch?

  • The red mechanical switch is a linear mechanical switch and does not have a tactile bump but still registers a keypress at the 2mm actuation point. This article will explain the different categories of mechanical switches.

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