are holy pandas good for gaming

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  • Are Holy Panda switches good for gaming?

  • The Holy Panda Switches are perfect for gamers because they are responsive, precise, and tactile, so you can tuck your enemies behind. Holy Panda Switches are precise enough to take out the trash with surgical-like accuracy without causing damage to your equipment or making a lot of noise.

  • Should I buy the Glorious panda or the Holy Panda?

  • If you are only concerned about how a switch feels, and how tactile your Holy Panda is, then the Glorious Panda wins for best value for your money. At $0.69 per switch, and even less when Glorious has a sale, the Glorious Panda matches the Holy Panda in tactility and smoothness.

  • What is a holy Panda?

  • A Brief History of Pandas The Holy Panda is a pre-built version of a community-born switch, made by combining the housing of an Invyr Panda linear switch with the tactile stem of a Halo True or Halo Clear switch, thus being dubbed 鈥淗oly Panda鈥?

  • What is the difference between the Holy and glorious Panda switches?

  • Glorious Panda switches are our own take on the Holy Panda switch. The original Holy Pandas were a franken-switch, made by putting together an INVYR Panda Housing and a Halo Stem. The Glorious Pandas use the original INVYR Panda housing and our own improved stem.

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