are gaming laptops worth it

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  • Are gaming laptops worth the price tag?

  • While the price tag is typically much higher with a gaming laptop, you get some truly awesome specs in exchange. While the graphics cards and CPUs on gaming rigs are usually top of the line, there鈥檚 another piece of hardware to consider here 鈥?higher resolution screens.

  • How much does it cost to run a gaming computer?

  • Unless you have battery support for your desktop, you will need a mains outlet to power it too. A gaming laptop will cost you at least $1,000, and some models are more than $2,000. Gaming desktops will be considerably less. Then there are the game consoles. These days you can get a PS4 Pro or an Xbox One X for around the $400 mark.

  • Are gaming laptops good for gaming?

  • In particular, gaming laptops are an excellent option for students or people who work from home or offsite locations but want to be able to game as well. An Xbox for instance isn鈥檛 going to let you email your friend from the coffee shop and then go home and get an article written in between rounds of Fortnite.

  • Should you buy a gaming laptop or an Ultrabook?

  • On the opposite side of the spectrum, gaming ultrabooks are available, but there鈥檚 always a trade off in terms of graphical power, and the price skyrockets. This is a critical issue that can鈥檛 be overlooked 鈥?while you get more portability, gaming laptops have significantly less upgrade potential than a desktop.

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