are gaming keyboard worth it

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  • Why are gaming keyboards so expensive?

  • If you have a keyboard that uses high quality switch technology and key caps, it鈥檚 much more expensive to extend that to a full 101 key keyboard. Many gaming keyboards deal with this by only having keys typically used during gaming. The problem with this is that you end up with an asymmetrical keyboard.

  • What are gaming keyboards?

  • Gaming keyboards are built with gamers in mind and come with extra features that are rare in normal keyboards. These features include RGB backlights, media controls, and programmable keys. Also, they often have mechanical switches that are more durable and responsive than membrane switches.

  • What is the difference between gaming and non-gaming keyboards?

  • Another difference between gaming and non-gaming keyboards is that most gaming keyboards have extra programmable keys. Programmable keys, also known as macro keys, allow you to assign a complex command sequence to a single key.

  • Should you buy a one-handed gaming keyboard?

  • The keyboard and mouse are the gold standard, but you can hook up a gamepad, or VR motion controllers as well. So what about a one-handed gaming keyboard? It may sound like a weird idea at first, but there鈥檚 a good argument to be made for gamers (and some professionals) to invest in one of these chopped-up keyboards.

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